1:1 mentorship

a return to the nature of your embodied spirit

body ecology
an animist approach to healing trauma

this modality bridges nervous system education and attunement with spiritual wisdom of ancient lineages in healing trauma within the body and psyche.

we turn towards the body as the teacher, the oracle, the wisdom whisperer, and we trust in its capacity for receptivity and sovereignty within an intersectional and cultural context.

we move from the knowing that the body is interconnected with nature and its vital life force intelligence for deep fractalised healing. when given the right conditions, we can feelsense our needs for safety and belonging and remember how to move towards them from love.

body ecology brings together the concepts of ecology of belonging, the SAFER process, and the inhabitance of rootspace to create a somatic trauma resolution approach unlike any other.

“Your body is a vessel for divine essence and natural intelligence that wants to know itself and life through you.”

– denise chang –

the mentorship + you

the 1:1 mentorship is for those seeking a somatic trauma resolution and spiritual growth container for healing intergenerational and/or sexual trauma.

it is designed for black, brown, asian, and indigenous peoples historically oppressed by the colonial white supremacist patriarchy.

this is for you– 

  • queer, trans, nonbinary, neurodivergent human,
  • coach, facilitator, activist, herbalist, educator, sex worker, leader,
  • actively seeking and desiring this work,
  • supporting other humans in their transformation and healing,
  • feel willing to engage in the discomfort of healing and transformation,
  • aware of the role of the body in your personal and our collective liberation,
  • devoted towards your own spiritual practice,
  • have enough access to resources to maintain the monthly tuition,
  • and feel a tug within towards this container. it desires you as you desire it.

healing is a spiral and fractal, and this approach is the inside out unfurling of your embodied spirit and vital life force.

while this isn’t a training or leadership program, the skills and wisdom practiced in this mentorship will inevitably become embodied over time.

my clients love working with me for my gentle yet deft ability to ask questions that get to the root of the matter, helping you feel sense your underlying needs; having an experienced guide as you move through the intensity of healing, all without overwhelming your nervous system.

as an intuitive energy healer and psychic medium, i also bring an expansive touch of spiritual connection to the mentorship container that i co-hold with Quan Yin, Medicine Buddha and our ancestors.

the mentorship program includes:

  • a 2 hr intake session to clarify your current way of being
  • a 1.5 hr session to envision and feel into your emergent way of being
  • and ten 1 hr sessions that bring together body + spirit for healing
  • in-between session availability for connection and support
  • an in-depth healing program that details the path from your current to emergent way of being

monthly tuition

$450  —  $575  — $700
per month
for 6 months

payment plans of 9 and 12 months available with small fee
sliding scale pricing is based on self-selection
middle tier reflects the actual monthly fee of the mentorship

client love

“I’ve spent more than a year being supported by denise, first while I was studying for my own coaching certification, and then I chose to follow up personally for some extra sessions. denise is kind, compassionate, open minded and held a space both gentle and powerful that allowed me to get at the bottom of some childhood trauma, and exclaim in our last session : “I’m free!!!”.

I was looking forward to each session with denise because I knew for a fact that things would shift. With denise, I’ve worked on letting go of a sense of urgency that I had felt in my body for years (hello capitalism and transgenerational trauma), I learnt how to prioritize my own needs without triggering my nervous system, and all in all connected with more pleasure and abundance.

I’d recommend working with denise if you desire a space where you can fully be yourself and get closer to your own essence and desires. They are an amazing human being and I loved working with them.”

Lyvia C.

“denise is one of the most thoughtful, loving/compassionate and powerful leaders and medicine holders that I know.

They are at once kind, gentle, soft and caring – creating a space where it immediately feels like all of you gets to belong – and deep, profound, wise and activating in the best way possible. Around denise, I feel activated to see more of my power, to be more of myself, to stand in all of the parts of me that have been shunned by dominator consciousness and to fiercely reclaim all that I am – in all of my nuance and complexity and magic.

They have such a profound understanding of somatics, trauma and shame – and when I think of denise I think of a teacher who has a deep appreciation for integration, and it shows!”

Tumi M.

“denise is an incredible healer and intuitive – I was consistently surprised by their ability to intuit exactly what was happening in my body and spiritual realm. Their awareness of my energetic realm, and of what guides, ancestors, etc were showing up for me was truly uncanny.

Through my work with denise, I finally was able to find the missing keys that help me resolve my chronic anxiety on a daily basis and find peace, instead of spending days or hours living with anxiety in my body. Our work has supported me in being able to build community and overcome my social anxiety, and it’s also helping me and improving my relationships with family as well. I now know what is showing up for me and why when it comes to my anxiety, which is a game changer.

I felt safer with denise after one session that I have with multiple therapists after multiple sessions. My sessions with denise also supported me in being able to claim my needs and wants, set up boundaries, and to be able to express them.”

Gieselle A.

areas of focus

these are access points in which we’ll begin your mentorship. you might find that you desire healing in one of these aspects of your life, but end up co-healing another because of the fractalised nature of healing.

developmental healing + secure attachment

for the sensitive souls who feel ready to turn towards the complex developmental and intergenerational trauma that shaped their nervous system in childhood, within a cultural context.

often, we will explore themes of early attachment and relational needs and create new or existing healthy sources in which these needs can be met.

drawing upon ancestral connection and deity reverence, this modality supports us in growing a wider base of feeling securely attached, and therefore safer and more belonging.

sexuality healing + pleasure embodiment

a slow and gentle approach to feeling more pleasure and connection to the body. the focus will be on developing erotic qi, a vital life force inherent to the expression of sexuality.

this area of focus draws upon a developmental path to healing sexual trauma that often begins by building energetic sovereignty, and tracking and engaging receptivity muscles.

those who often experience numbness or would like to grow their capacity to feel more aliveness within are invited to explore this modality.

repression healing + embodied expression

for the bbs who often feel disconnected from their voice and creative expression. when shame has become a familiar friend, this container becomes a space in which we can thaw the freeze around our heart’s loving expression.

suitable for children of the disapora who have often felt silenced and whose identity has been erased for the sake of survival and assimilation. 

“I can’t really tell you much about somatics, because it isn’t about what we can say to each other, it’s about what we can feel– of ourselves, of this world we belong to.


It’s about the correlation between feeling more thus having more choices.”


– adrienne maree brown –

lineages of wisdom

Quan Yin

taoism: qi gong, ancestor reverence, animism, TCM (personal practice)

tantra, taoism and erotic movement arts with Rie Katagiri (2 years + ongoing)

rebloom: archetypal trauma resolution with Rachael Maddox (training + mentorship, 3 years)

emergent strategy and pleasure activism by adrienne maree brown (self study + practice)

cultural somatics + somatic abolitionism by Resmaa Menakem (self study + webinars)

somatic strategies with Linda Thai (3 months)