Healing Through Pleasure

a sensual embodiment and erotic movement arts workshop

July 26th, 2023
📍Sanctuary Health, Chicago, IL

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Healing Through Pleasure

is a sensual embodiment and erotic movement arts workshop for QTBIPOC on the feminine spectrum, who want to expand their embodied capacity for the experience of pleasure as a self-intimacy practice.

This two-hour group session is a gentle, slow and spiritually-held movement and sensual dance class on the mat to cultivate erotic energy, supported by a trauma-sensitive approach.

Learn how to resource sensuality in cultivating a relationship to yourself through the body. Our bodies are the ground in which our liberation takes place, and this workshop supports us in feeling our way through what we find within.

The vibe is yin in nature: intimate and cosy, warm and nurturing, with the space for you to practice vulnerability, softness and sweet care for your heart, body and spirit. 

Pleasure opens the pathway to our embodied liberation, to the erotic power within that unfurls with our breath and movement.</p>
<p>Pleasure allows for grief and pain to relief and release, as we slow down and feel our way towards healing. </p>
<p>Pleasure regenerates us and grows our capacity for self-expression, creativity and eroticism, and intimate belonging.</p>
<p>Pleasure is medicine.

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Tiered pricing is offered based on financial accessibility.

$45 – you tend to stress about finances
$55 – you tend to have some ease about finances
$65 – you tend to be good on finances and can support our community

Ticket pricing includes Coregeous Ball ($15) that will be yours to keep. A tutorial video will also be provided.

Have questions? email denisehuiming@gmail.com

What to Expect

This workshop offers a combination of sensual floorwork + sequence, myofascial ball therapy, and qi gong subtle energy principles for healing through the body.

A reverential practice with an altar to Quan Yin will also be included, though optional in participation.

Practice how to use a Coregeous ball (included with ticket) to create space within the body for more ease and pleasure.
Practice a sensual floorwork sequence for the cultivation and expression of erotic energy as a way to soothe the nervous system.

This workshop is NOT about the experience of 6xual pleasure, but rather, as a space to move, open and stretch the body in sensual and pleasurable ways. If you tend towards dissociative numbness around pleasure, or have a history of 6xual trauma, this workshop can be a place to deepen your healing, but it will not be the focus.



The workshop will be held at Sanctuary Health in Pilsen, Chicago, with no more than 9 participants. QTBIPOC folks who identify on the feminine spectrum ONLY.

Parking tends to be challenging in the area, carpooling and public transit is highly encouraged.

Your registration is confirmed once you have paid for your ticket. A preparation email will be sent 3-5 days before the workshop.

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