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somatic healing. deep rest. pleasure embodiment.
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somatic healing + support {virtual}

your body is like the deep ocean, filled with mystery and medicine. want to dip your toes in? 

somatic support sessions are focused on the experience of the nervous system and subtle body. we hold that the body has a wisdom, an intrinstic treatment plan for how to resolve the traumatic imprints of overwhelming or persistent experiences. in these sessions, you will be asked insightful questions to be gently led into the inner landscape of your body, creating a space in which your needs, limits and desires get to be heard, met and honored. 

through guided attunement, spiritual and animist resourcing, and co-holding the space with Quan Yin, i’ll be your guide in cultivating your relationship with your embodied experience of trauma and healing. in learning and practicing the language of your felt-sense, you can grow in capacity and skill for being with life’s challenges.

these sessions are great support for:

  • moving through grief, shame and anger
  • getting in touch with your needs and boundaries
  • practices for softening into receptivity and energetic sovereignty
  • amplifying ancestral and deity spiritual connection
  • integrating a family visit or life transition
  • getting unstuck around a decision to make
  • clarity on relationship dynamics that might be challenging
  • grounding into the body after any form of overwhelming experiences.

during these sessions, we would focus on one doable topic, as opposed to a deeper conditioned pattern of embodied survival strategies, such as attachment or sexual trauma resolution. that’s where the mentorship container comes in.

deep rest reiki sessions

regenerate, cleanse and restore your subtle energy body through reiki healing.

engaging your parasympathetic nervous system for better rest and digestion, this also helps bring more circulation to organs, meridians, and energy centers.

this is also a space where ancestral wisdom and body memory makes itself known through intuitive channeling.

virtual + in-person Chicago sessions are available.

client love

“denise is an incredible healer and intuitive – I was consistently surprised by their ability to intuit exactly what was happening in my body and spiritual realm. Their awareness of my energetic realm, and of what guides, ancestors, etc were showing up for me was truly uncanny.

Through my work with denise, I finally was able to find the missing keys that help me resolve my chronic anxiety on a daily basis and find peace, instead of spending days or hours living with anxiety in my body. Our work has supported me in being able to build community and overcome my social anxiety, and it’s also helping me and improving my relationships with family as well. I now know what is showing up for me and why when it comes to my anxiety, which is a game changer.

I felt safer with denise after one session that I have with multiple therapists after multiple sessions. My sessions with denise also supported me in being able to claim my needs and wants, set up boundaries, and to be able to express them.”

Gieselle A.

“Working with denise has been such a supportive part of my healing journey. denise creates soothing, safe, and nurturing settings for gently pushing through dissociative numbness and releasing stuck emotions. They facilitate this work with tenderness, responsiveness, and encouragement, and I have left each of our sessions feeling a sense of lightness and empowerment. I highly recommend working with them!”

Afra K.

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