d chang

somatic trauma resolution practitioner + educator

deep rest energy healer + psychic medium

erotic movement arts instructor

trauma-sensitive facilitator

writer + speaker


“Your body is a vessel for divine essence and natural intelligence that wants to know itself and life through you.”

– denise chang –

reflections + rants

as a solo-polyamorist, relationship anarchist and culture critic (in hiding), i’m writing sanctuary of self to share narratives, poetry and long-form rants on what it looks and feels like to be-longing for intimate vulnerability, reciprocal care, and healing intergenerational trauma through my practice of building a secure attachment to self, land, ancestors + spirit.

“I can’t really tell you much about somatics, because it isn’t about what we can say to each other, it’s about what we can feel– of ourselves, of this world we belong to.


It’s about the correlation between feeling more thus having more choices.”


– adrienne maree brown –

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denisehuiming {at} gmail.com
@dchanghuiming on Instagram