denise chang

somatic trauma resolution practitioner + educator

deep rest energy healer + psychic medium

erotic movement arts instructor

trauma-sensitive facilitator

writer + speaker


“Your body is a vessel for divine essence and natural intelligence that wants to know itself and life through you.”

– denise chang –


a return to the nature of our embodied spirit

“I’ve spent more than a year being supported by denise, first while I was studying for my own coaching certification, and then I chose to follow up personally for some extra sessions. denise is kind, compassionate, open minded and held a space both gentle and powerful that allowed me to get at the bottom of some childhood trauma, and exclaim in our last session : “I’m free!!!”.

I was looking forward to each session with denise because I knew for a fact that things would shift. With denise, I’ve worked on letting go of a sense of urgency that I had felt in my body for years (hello capitalism and transgenerational trauma), I learnt how to prioritize my own needs without triggering my nervous system, and all in all connected with more pleasure and abundance.

I’d recommend working with denise if you desire a space where you can fully be yourself and get closer to your own essence and desires. They are an amazing human being and I loved working with them.”

Lyvia C.

“Working with denise has been such a supportive part of my healing journey. denise creates soothing, safe, and nurturing settings for gently pushing through dissociative numbness and releasing stuck emotions. They facilitate this work with tenderness, responsiveness, and encouragement, and I have left each of our sessions feeling a sense of lightness and empowerment. I highly recommend working with them!”

Afra K.

“denise is an incredible healer and intuitive – I was consistently surprised by their ability to intuit exactly what was happening in my body and spiritual realm. Their awareness of my energetic realm, and of what guides, ancestors, etc were showing up for me was truly uncanny.

Through my work with denise, I finally was able to find the missing keys that help me resolve my chronic anxiety on a daily basis and find peace, instead of spending days or hours living with anxiety in my body. Our work has supported me in being able to build community and overcome my social anxiety, and it’s also helping me and improving my relationships with family as well. I now know what is showing up for me and why when it comes to my anxiety, which is a game changer.

I felt safer with denise after one session that I have with multiple therapists after multiple sessions. My sessions with denise also supported me in being able to claim my needs and wants, set up boundaries, and to be able to express them.”

Gieselle A.

current projects

school of consensual culture

the school of consensual culture is a space for the exploration and learning of a relational somatics framework rooted in interdependence, inter-sovereignty, integrity, co-creation and compassion. we are devoted to cultivating erotic power so that we may be resourced by our pleasure, and to healing intergenerational trauma to end patriarchal violence and coercion culture.

the people's holistic clinic

the people’s holistic clinic is a grassroots community-led collective of the global majority offering holistic healing services to people of all bodies. our intention is to center those often marginalized by wellness culture and have limited access to holistic care. our commitment is to never turn anyone away who is seeking care and healing. founded by Elydé Arroyo and Angela in San Diego.

reflections + rants

as a solo-polyamorist, relationship anarchist and culture critic (in hiding), i’m writing sanctuary of self to share narratives, poetry and long-form rants on what it looks and feels like to be-longing for intimate vulnerability, reciprocal care, and healing intergenerational trauma through my practice of building a secure attachment to self, land, ancestors + spirit.

“I can’t really tell you much about somatics, because it isn’t about what we can say to each other, it’s about what we can feel– of ourselves, of this world we belong to.


It’s about the correlation between feeling more thus having more choices.”


– adrienne maree brown –

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